What I am posting is my idea of a national healthcare plan that I have dreamed up. It keeps the government out of your healthcare. It is a plan in which everyone is able to prosper at the same rate that desires to do so. I have put a comment section at the bottom to see what everyone thinks about it.

This plan is only an idea. Please comment, and give me your suggestions. If you like the idea, please pass it along on your social networks, and send the link to the Politicians. We do have a say!!!

How to do away with Obamacare without doing away with Obamacare.

How to give big tax cuts without giving big tax cuts.

How to make sure everyone in the United States has health care.

How to give education loans, without giving education loans.

How to finance housing, without financing housing.

How to lend startup money, without lending startup money.

How to grow the economy like has never been seen before.

How to rapidly increase employment.

How to cut the cost for Medical insurance to zero, while at the same time creating medical insurance companies with record profits.

Give American citizens complete control over their money.

Give American citizens complete control over their health care.

How to cut the Federal debt.

How to stop the economic divide between the rich and the poor.

How to make sure all elderly Americans are taken care of.

How to please Libertarians, Republicans, and Democrats, and even the Socialist/Communist.

How to have a national debt, without having a national debt.

How to improve the national infrastructure without paying for it.

The answer to all of the above is the free market.

What ever political party implements this will be the ruling party for many years to come. The solution is simple. What I am going to do is to show a simple health care bill that does all of the above. This will (or should) satisfy everyone and for the first time in history. What the below will do is turn over to the people their country, and it will make America Greater than it ever has been.

All the above can be accomplished with a Medical Savings Account based on the Federal TSP program.

How this works is the the G fund is to be converted to the MSA. The fund managers of this is to pay 2% (two) percent interest on the monies in the MSA. The ideal amount for this fund at this time is $500,000 dollars in the MSA. This money can only be used to pay for medical care. It is required to have this money to be self insured-and to opt out of Obamacare. Anyone that has more than 2 million in this account will be required to pay a 2% two percent penalty, and another 1% one percent for any additional million that will be put in the National MSA Fund.

Money can be put in this account is by anyone and everyone that chooses to do so. On a sliding scale calculated by age, only the money put in by the owner of the account can transfer that money into another investment account after it reaches $125,000. A $125,000 dollar MSA account must be constant. No money to be transferred under that puts the MSA under $125,000 dollars and the money in the account will only be used for medical expenses.  This amount increases by age.

What this will do is eventually move Health Insurance companies to fund managers that create groups to offer healthcare at lower cost. They will be able to negotiate drug prices etc... They will also be able to invest in healthcare etc... This takes the government out of healthcare and turns it over to private companies. - Remember, people still have the choice of Obamacare, and must have a minimum of $125,000 dollars on a sliding age scale, MSA account to opt out of Obamacare.

How to get the $125,000 into the MSA?

Every child that is born in the USA will have an MSA started for them at birth. The Federal Government will deposit $100 dollars into their MSA at birth. Any entity may also deposit up to $1000 dollars tax free into these accounts as well, and get a 100% percent tax credit for that $1000. Anyone can donate up to 20 MSA accounts within a single year and get the 100% tax credit for each MSA account donated to. (Business accounts need to be worked out on what they can give to employees).

The choice is up to the parents, or the legal guardian of the child to use any licensed healthcare company they desire. Also, anyone is allowed to put money in the MSA account tax free if it is transferred directly from another MSA account.

The Federal Government will also be required to deposit 1% (one Percent) of Social Security money paid in from a worker, and 1% paid into by the employer.

Additionally all non-profits will be required to pay 1% (one percent) of all monies collected in anyway into the National MSA Fund. This also includes all and any foundations or any entity that collects money for investment or charity purposes (This includes Hedge Funds). Additionally any contract rewarded to any contractor of the Federal, State and Local Governments will also occur a 1% (one percent) payment to the national MSA Fund. Local, State and the Federal Government will also pay .1% percent (1/10th of one percent) of any and all taxes collected. Any foreign aid or anything that is paid from the tax monies of the people in the United States will also be paid 1% (one percent) into the MSA Fund.

Any patents that are issued will also incur 1% percent payment to the National MSA fund.

Any permit that is bought, rather a building permit, construction permit, hunting, fishing permit that is purchased by an individual that 1% percent of the cost of that permit is put into their MSA account.

Any license that is paid for by an individual will also incur the 1% percent to be paid into the buyer of the license's MSA account. All property transfers over $250,000 dollars will incur a 1% percent property transfer tax that will be paid into the National MSA fund. All rent payments or lease payments will also incur a 1% tax to be paid to the MSA of the renter, or renters. All leases will also incur a 1% tax paid to the MSA fund or the individual renting or leasing. Anyone that pays a maintenance fee, or an HOA fee, the company collecting these fees, will put in 1% (one percent) of the fees in the persons MSA account paying that fee.  Any insurance and all insurance paid by an indivial will incure a 1% (one percent tax) paid into their MSA account.  Companies that pay insurance companies will pay 1% (one percent) of the insurance into the National MSA fund.  This is be be done by the inusrance companies. 

Any monies from Law Suits go directly into the MSA Fund and the attorneys fee is to be paid from the entity that sued after settlement. It is up to the court on what amount of money to stay in the medical side to take care of any medical condition the person from for the rest of their life from the law suit. This includes any settlement paid to any entity.  All lottery winnigs up to $2,000,000 dollars will go to the winners MSA account. 1%  (one percent) of the winnings will be paid to the National MSA Fund. 

1% (one percent) of any and all company profits will go to the National MSA Fund. Any purchase made by a person, corporation or company that cost more than $250,000 dollars will pay above the $250,000 - 1% of the purchase price into the MSA fund. (To make it clear if the property cost $260,000 dollars, than the tax will be on the $10,000 dollars).

Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. Social Security wage base to increase 1% to be paid to the MSA national fund. Any and all government benefit monies paid to anyone for anything, that 1% is to be paid into that persons MSA Account. This includes section 8 housing etc...

Now the death tax. When someone dies, and they have monies left in their MSA account, that money will go to the National MSA fund, unless it stated in a will or another legal document that up to $500,000 can be willed to anyone. All monies above that number in the MSA is to go into the National MSA Fund. An additional 1% communication tax is to be levied for the MSA Fund. This means everyone that has a cell phone is to pay a 1% tax that will go into their personal MSA account. FCC licenses to increase 1% to be paid into the National FSA Fund.

Any and all monies collected or confiscated from criminal activities is to go to the National MSA Fund.

Anything that is auctioned from Federal, state or local governments is to be taxed 1% to go to the National MSA Fund.

What is MSA?

The MSA is a medical savings account that works like a 401K plan with some differences. Any citizen at birth is required to have an MSA account activated. The Federal Government pays $100 for any child born in the USA to start the MSA account. A National MSA fund puts money into that account every year, to total up to $250,000. The money that is deposited into any account varies on how much the National MSA fund has to distribute year after year. A citizen is not allowed to borrow any money that is contributed by the National MSA fund, however, they do gain 2% two Percent interest to pay for healthcare. Anyone at any time is allowed to add tax deductible money to your MSA account. They may also transfer monies from their own MSA account with no tax to fund yours. Employers can also add money to employees and their dependents accounts. Employers may also match a contribution that is not taxed up to 5% of the employees income. Is the owner of a MSA is allowed to put any money you desire into your MSA up to 50% of your salary tax free. You can continue to do this until your total MSA is 1 million dollars.

How does the MSA work?

The MSA is nothing more than a 401K plan with some differences. Half of the money that is put in your MSA plan is used for your medical coverage. You can only use that for government approved healthcare providers, and medications. However, it can be used to buy any over the counter medications your doctor approves, such is aspirin, bandages, vitamins etc... Pretty much anything covered by medicare, and other over the counter medications your doctor approves of.

Can I take money out of my MSA account?

No and yes. Your MSA plan has 2 major sides to it. In the MSA you must keep a balance in your account to cover your healthcare needs. The needs are pretty much up to you. The Medical part of your healthcare is set on a sliding scale related to your age. You cannot take any money from the Medical part of your healthcare, and neither can you borrow any amount of money that was put in by the Federal Government. The medical part of your healthcare is based on a sliding scale. If you are 25 and below, you must keep a balance in your medical side of at least $125,000. If you do not, you will adverted to Obamacare until your balance is increased. At 25 years of age the minimum balance increases to $250,000. At 40 years old your minimum balance is increased to $375,000. At 50 years old you minimum balance increases to $500,000. No money can be borrowed from the medical side of your plan.

Now when you were born, or the day you started your MSA account, you were given $100 dollars from the federal government. You were also given additional monies from the National Fund if you started later in life. You are allowed to put is much money you desire into that account. Not only this, your employer may add money to your medical account, as well is anyone else. You receive a minimum of 2% (two percent) interest on that money. (Not to exceed $2,000,000 (two million dollars). If you are under 25, any monies put into that fund that is not government money you are allowed to transfer that money into your investment side of your account, providing you keep the $125,000 dollar minimum in your medical account. In your investment account you are allowed to borrow 50% of that money, and pay yourself interest. For instance you have $250,000 in your investment account you can borrow up to $125,000. You have to pay at least 2% interest to do that, however, that 2% (or a higher number you decide) that interest is paid to you. You cannot deduct this interest, because you are paying yourself interest free money. 

You must pay back that money to your account however, if you fail to do so, that you will be penalized 10% (ten percent) for the monies taken, and the money will be removed from your account to cover your loan.

Sliding scale of Obamacare:

What this is, is using your MSA and Obamacare together. You will pay for healthcare under the Obamacare Act, however, what you use is paid out of your MSA account until it is exhausted. You may choose to pay the premium for Obamacare out of your own pocket while increasing your MSA account fund at the same time. When you go on Obamacare, the MSA National Fund will start putting money into your MSA account once again.

The Government should have an interest in passing this as well.  The Federal Government will be able to borrow monies from peoples MSA accounts, at an interest rate slightly higher than the 2% interest that is guarenteed in the Medical side of the MSA.  Insurance companies should look at this is a gift, like they have never seen before.  Everyone will prosper from this.  

Illegal Aliens, Immigrants, refugees, duel citizens not living in the United States, are not allowed to receive monies from the National MSA Fund. The only exception to this rule is that spouses married to a United States Citizen that has permanent residency, and living in the United States is eligible to receive the funds is long is they are married, and live in the United States. This does not include parents of United States Citizens. Anyone and everyone is allowed to use Obamacare if they choose to do so.

Anyone is allowed to open an MSA account, even if they do not get funding from the MSA Fund.

At 55 years old anyone can cash out of the system is they decide to do so, however, they will be required to keep at least $1,000,000 (one Million dollars) in their MSA account.