A fair health care system for every U.S. Citizen!!!

Start a United States wide Health Care Lottery to help fund Health Care Investments, with the
profits that go directly into lower wage, and children s HC-Fund accounts.  Parents can
also achieve a tax deduction to any child's health care HC-Fund they contribute to.
Furthermore, anyone can get a deduction by investing in accounts that are underfunded.
(*More Details at the bottom of this page)

Look over the following and see how you can fund your own health care, and get money for college,
start your own business, or buy your own home.  This will make everyone responsible for their own
health care, your own college,  get money to start your own business, while you pay yourself back.

HC-Fund C-Fund S-Fund I-Fund F-Fund

Health-Care Investment Options
HC-Fund Description Objective Benchmark
C Fund Common Stock Index Investment Fund Match the performance of the S&P 500 Index S&P 500
S Fund Small-Cap Stock Index Investment Fund Match the performance of the DJ U.S. Completion TSM Index DJ U.S. Completion TSM Index
I Fund International Stock Index Investment Fund Match the performance of the MSCI EAFE Index MSCI EAFE Stock Index
Stable Value
HC Fund Government Securities Investment Fund Maintain a higher return than inflation without risk N/A
F Fund Fixed Income Index Investment Fund Match the performance of the Barclays U.S. Bond Index Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index

The specific HC-Fund is based on the TSP (Government Thrift Savings Plan).  Performance seen above is based on the following criteria and allocations:

Health Care Model Allocations by Rank
Fund Rank: 1 2 3
Allocation 50% 30% 20%

The end result is an innovative strategy that achieves steady growth, while protecting investors from major losses associated with market crashes. Regardless of how much you currently have or contribute to your Health Care account, the Health Care Model can help you achieve better returns with less overall risk.

*A minimum amount of money needs to be placed and held in the HC-fund.   It should be a very high amount to keep down the cost of Health Insurance, and Health Insurance should be based on a sliding scale of that money in your HC-fund.  The money in your HC-Fund is your deductible, and only licensed health care providers can move money from that fund to pay your health care expenses.   When the money falls below the base, money is transfered from your other accounts or you can replace that money back into that fund to make sure it stays the minimum for your age.  Also, employers, can and should contribute money into the account, and allow the owner of the account to only transfer monies to other accounts when the above the minimum (plus 10%) is reached. 

The owner of the account will be allowed to borrow, at a predetermined interest rate or higher from their C, I, S, or F funds and that interest be applied back to the HC-Fund.    

Please reply with your input, on how to make this idea even better!!!